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blogfoster is like your very own social media, optimization and sales team. Once you sign up you get recommendations of high qualtity collaborations which fit your profile perfectly.

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Create a free account in 2 minutes and connect your blog and social media channels.

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When you sign up with us, you get our analytics tool, blogfoster Insights, for free. Once integrated, this analyses your channels, shows you your reach and provides a deeper understanding of your network. It also calculates how much you can get paid for each campaign.

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At blogfoster, we help you to get discovered by brands, so that you can collaborate with them on exciting campaigns.

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For every available campaign, we support you with content creation and help you to align with the brand. We make the collaboration simple,so you always know what’s next and what the brand expects from a campaign.

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No Contract

With blogfoster, there are no contractual obligations and no limits. You can apply for as many brand collaborations as you want.

100% Control

You choose the brands you want to collaborate with and only apply for the campaigns you want to participate in.

100% Transparency

Before you apply for any campaigns, you’ll be able to see how much you’ll get paid and all the brand requirements. This way, you can make an informed decision on which campaigns you want to be a part of.

No Barriers

We handle all your billings and payments. At the end of each month that you have participated in a campaign, we transfer the money to your blogfoster account. There are no barriers or limits to your earnings, you get every penny you’ve earnt.

Proud supporter of the local blogosphere

blogfoster is a proud sponsor of the annual blogtacular conference. We have hosted two sessions at two events, updating brands & agencies, as well as bloggers & influencers, on the latest insights and how-to's in influencer marketing.

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Blog Photography Tips That All Bloggers Should Know

A core component of any great blog is the ability to tell a story with more than words. Blog photography is incredibly important and you’ve probably noticed that your favourite bloggers are more than just wordsmiths, they are amateur photographers too. Impeccable blog photography, like blog design, is one of the first things your readers will see and it can either entice them to explore or encourage them to leave. So getting this area of your blog right is very worthwhile.

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Instagram Branded Content – Transparency for Paid Collaborations on Instagram

Hashtags like #ad or #spon should be seen less on Instagram soon. Instagram announced a new branded content feature to tag paid collaborations with brands. This is a big step towards more transparency on Instagram, which has become a profitable income source for influencers on one side and a big marketing channel for brands on the other side. Now the feature will be rolled out internationally.

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4 Effective Ways to Get Newsletter Subscribers for Your Blog

Three of the main goals you will likely have as a blogger are to: drive traffic to your blog, gain a loyal readership and to encourage them to share your content. Getting newsletter subscribers for your blog will help you to achieve all three. Why? Because a great newsletter will create a more engaged audience. If your audience is engaged, they are more likely to read and value your content. They will be alerted when you post new blogs and this will generate the initial traffic to a new blog post. Plus, the more your content is viewed as valuable, the more likely they are to share it, thus increasing new traffic.

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