Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

Join us and build a platform for thousands of blogger & influencer and hundreds of brands with new and solid technologies in a full-stack approach.

Join the Engineering Team!

The Position

We are looking for a smart, self-motivated software engineer to strengthen our development team. Your preferred programming language is JavaScript and you are excited about the latest developments in that area just as we are.

You’re going to work on the whole platform from our single-page web apps to our Node.js backend service. You are always keen to challenge the existing and try to improve it by making technical decisions and introducing best practices.

Furthermore, you enjoy working in a small team that tries to operate agile and without much overhead. Having result-oriented discussions with your peers to find the best solutions is your daily routine.

About You

  • You should have advanced JavaScript skills.
  • You have experience with Node.js. Interests in React, Hapi.js or Express.js would make the onboarding easier ;)
  • You write well-tested and robust code.
  • You have a good understanding of modern JavaScript best practices.
  • You care about software: “How it is done is as important as having it done”.
  • You leave no stone left unturned when you are on the hunt for solutions. New problems occur every day and sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone to solve them.
  • You are passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience among the team.
  • You don’t accept the given; you strive always for innovative solutions that pushes the company and your peers.

10% Rule - Shape Your Skills

Since the beginning of blogfoster, we understand that software engineering is a craft. Therefore, we have introduced the 10% rule.

Everybody in the team is free to work 10% of your time on open source, blog articles and other interesting ideas and technologies. We understand that it is essential for every developer to invest time in their skills and knowledge. The wheel is always spinning, so should we!

Team and Culture

We spend more time with our colleagues than with our families and friends. Therefore, we give our best to have a friendly, respectful and secure atmosphere and environment. The whole team regularly goes to meetups. We organised an internal hackathon outside of Berlin. Participating in company runs with friends and families strengthen our relationship.

Technologies In Use

We are strong believers that JavaScript is the ideal language to build the optimal solutions for the web. We use it for our web apps and backend components. Therefore we generate big synergy effects, which means that all developers can work on all critical components. This fact is really important, especially if the team is still relatively small.

We develop in ES6 and ES7 and use it natively wherever we can. If not we use Babel. For frameworks and tools, we rely heavily on React, Hapi, Webpack, Redux and others.

From infrastructure side, we use AWS, MySQL, Redis, Docker, Chef, CloudWatch and other nice external SaaS solutions.

We regularly reevaluate our decisions to make sure that we always enable the further growth and success of the company.

Our Engineering Blog

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